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Qatar Airways’ Dining Experience

Meals on board a plane is always an experience, and this is…

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Cathay Pacific Suspends Flights to the UK

Since 1 July, Cathay Pacific has suspended flights from Hong Kong to…

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The Emirates Experience – Drinks

A plane journey would not be complete without a beverage to hand,…

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Which is The Best Inflight Entertainment?

An in-flight experience would not be complete without in-flight entertainment. A collection…

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Swiss Airlines & Their Connection to Chocolate

Chocolate. That’s our topic today. Smooth, luxurious chocolate - the kind that…

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United Airlines Places Their Largest Order to Date

United Airlines (UA) recently announced that they’ve placed their largest order in…

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The Effect of Music on an Airplane

You may have noticed music playing in the background as you board…

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How Do Pilots Fly with an iPad?

There are so many functions to an iPad: it’s great for streaming…

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Russian Plane Crash with No Survivors

A Russian passenger plane, the Antonov AN-26 operated by the Kamchatka Aviation…

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New Pokémon Themed Plane by All Nippon Airways

Last week, All Nippon Airways (ANA) unveiled its first Pikachu themed jet…

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