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Travel Radar’s inhouse Public Relations team love working with journalists, industry organisations, airlines, airports and influencers to deliver compelling stories across the industry. If you’re a member of the media, from an industry organisation or wish to discuss a potential collaboration, get in touch and a member of our PR Team will get back to within 1 working day!


Note: Our PR Team can only process enquiries from organisations/the media. If you’re a reader wanting to get in touch, visit this page instead.

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Our Commercial Offerings:

Reporting & Press Release Publishing

Events, Conferences, Airshows & PR Events are just a few of the types of things we love to report! If you're an event organiser or organisation/PR firm wanting to get your press release published, we are also a platformthat supports this

Advertising Packages

With over 20million users reached per month, we have a range of advertising packages and options available to get your message to our readers

Livestreaming, Photography & Visual Media

Travel Radar has a leading-edge event livestreaming rig to livestream and record events, conferences and airshows: Including multi-cam setups

Custom Contra & Paid Partnerships

Travel Radar is open to both contra and paid partnerships with a range of organisations. If you think of a way you'd like to collaborate, get in touch!

Quick Stats Breakdown:

For a full, detailed, breakdown, please use the button below to request a copy of our Media Kit.

  • 250,000 Social Media Followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • 25,000,000 users reached per month across all channels
  • 120 total countries reached across the world
  • 75% of users aged between 18-55 years old

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