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by Jake Smith

Since our origin in 2015, originally as a community Facebook page, we’ve provided the highest quality news and industry analysis, becoming one of the leading sources of Aviation & Travel news available. What was originally a one-man-band has since evolved into a air-travel media brand, with more than 1.1million unique readers and over 250,000 followers across social media platforms. Our team of 30 staff include travel-gurus, and aviation industry professionals alike. A very warm welcome to Travel Radar.



Our core ethos is centred around the world of aviation with technical in-depth news, deliveries and liveries


We put you in control of your travel, with the best airline tricks and tips, allowing you to optimise your travel


We delve into the world of loyalty and points, looking at how you can best collect and spend your points & miles!


We analyse and review a range of products, airlines and hotels giving you an insight to your travel


Luke Will

Chief Executive Officer

Luke founded Travel Radar in 2015, originally with the aim of bringing together the world of aviation, and aviation news into a single social hub. Since then he has steered the ship to its almost 1.1million readership today.

Jake Smith

Chief Projects Officer

Joining in 2017 and co-founding what is known as Travel Radar today, Jake is at the forefront of innovation and special projects ran by Travel Radar including podcast, merchandise store, livestreaming and other top-secret projects!

Ben Miller

Chief Finance Officer

An investment-banker by profession, Ben joined the Travel Radar team in December 2019 heading up all financial and strategic operations, building on the profitability and success of Travel Radar as the leading news organisation.

David Hopwood

Chief Content Officer

With a heavy background in HR and Content Management, David joined the Travel Radar team in 2019 originally as a writer. Since then, he has risen to the role of Chief Content Officer responsible for all content posted here at Travel Radar.

Jamie Larounis

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced aviation analyst and industry journalist Jamie Larounis joined the Travel Radar team in May 2020 heading up all Marketing, Social Media & Communications work. Jamie’s work has been featured by CNN, Forbes, Fox and the BBC.


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