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737-400 Retired from LOT Airlines

Polish-based carrier, LOT Airlines, retired it's final Boeing 737-400 aircraft earlier this week (March 10) following almost 23 years of…

Luke Will Luke Will

Do you know what ASK, CASK and RASK stand for?

For those interested in looking at airlines' financial statements, it may be useful to get acquainted with some acronyms that…

Giacomo Amati Giacomo Amati

Cathay Pacific Assures Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2050

Cathay Pacific has reaffirmed its commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. It has stated that it is committed…

Nida Zakaria Nida Zakaria

SAA Staggers On

We've reported extensively in the past six months on the sorry saga of South African Airways. The carrier hasn't made…

Travel Radar Travel Radar


Passengers on board a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, got a real SHOCK when a woman mistakenly opened the emergency…

Jake Smith Jake Smith

Traveling to Vietnam This Summer? Here Is What You Should Know

Are you traveling to Vietnam this summer? Here are a few notes to help you plan your trip. With the…

Leo Cheung Leo Cheung

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Government Openly Advises Airlines to Reduce Flights. How Can the Problem be Dealt With?

We already know how difficult it is for the aviation industry this summer as it struggles to recruit staff to meet the surge in demand.…

Amuthan Chandrarajan Amuthan Chandrarajan