ethics policy

Travel Radar’s mission is to deliver high-quality, accurate journalism in the Aviation and Commercial Air-Travel niche. We take the integrity, factuality and accuracy of our journalism with the utmost seriousness and care which is why we have several ethics policies to ensure that we can deliver on our mission to the best of our abilities.

We believe in ethical publishing…

Travel Radar takes the integrity of our Journalism with the utmost of importance. Our work is heavily regulated internally, and all content goes through thorough thorough reviews and revisions to ensure quality content.

Travel Radar will not publish personal attacks against people and companies in the industries we cover, or against colleagues in our industry. We stress objectivity in reporting topics of a sensitive nature and to that end we will also strive to deliberately omit editorial bias in the various topics we cover.

Giving Credit and Acquiring Written Permission

Unless news (press releases) come from official sources or their PR affiliates, we always provide a link and credit to the original sources. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute with the rest of the online journalism community in fostering the online publishing ecosystem with principled journalism practice.

For images, we credit the source and/or photographers directly. We respect the work of Plane Spotters and Photographers that capture truly artistic content in our industry.

Accuracy of Reporting

Travel Radar aims to report objectively and factually, citing all sources of data and claims made in reports. When author-opinion (Op-Ed) is expressed, content will be marked as an ‘Analysis’ and not objective fact.

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