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SMBC’s Faith in The 737-8 Max

SMBC, Ireland’s aircraft leasing company, recently purchased 14 additional 737-8 Max aircrafts,…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Departing for Home: In-flight Comfort Food

When I fly, it is often to fly home, my second home…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Kenya Airways’ Protection of Wildlife

Kenya Airways (KA) has recently announced their commitment to protecting wildlife. Through…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Turkish Airlines Wins Big at The Amenities Awards 2021

Recently the Amenities Awards took place with Turkish Airlines (TA) winning a…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Vietnam Airlines’ 26th Birthday Anniversary

Yesterday Vietnam Airlines announced its 26th birthday and to celebrate this achievement…

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Flying Solo: How Would a Child Fly Alone?

Flying alone can be fear inducing to say the least. Without a…

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China Southern Airlines Hangar: The Largest in Asia

Currently, China Southern Airline (CSAIR) has the largest hangar in Asia to…

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The 28th Arabian Travel Market – the Highlights

This month marked the return of the first hybrid (in-person and virtual)…

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Which is The Best Mask to Wear on a Plane?

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus the wearing of a face mask…

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Air Canada’s Fight Against Food Poverty

Recently Air Canada announced their pledge to help alleviate food insecurity through…

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