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Turkish Airlines’ Green and Clean Airport Wins LEED Certification

Recently Turkish Airlines (TA) announced that nine of their buildings have been…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Air France’s Air-Rail Travel Helps Reduce Emissions

Recently Air France and SNF announced 7 new travel connections for people…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

How Do They Clean the Inside of a Plane?

Recently I wrote an article on how they wash a plane, so…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Ethiopian Airlines’ 75 Years of Excellence

To celebrate their 75 years of Excellence, Ethiopian Airlines has provided for…

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How Do They Wash The Outside of a Plane?

On lazy days, I drive my car to the Car Wash service…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

The Art of Language as Flight Attendant

You will often hear, towards the end of a pilot’s announcement, about…

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Aviation’s Plea for Travel Ahead of G7 & NATO

Whilst pleas were made by airlines for the reopening of international travel,…

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Qantas’ Rattlesnake Remedy – Preventing Wildlife Strike

It’s rattlesnake season in the Californian region (Mojave desert) and Qantas is…

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Travelling and Transporting Pets Abroad

To leave or not to leave, that is the question that many…

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Emirates’ & British Airways’ Accessible Travel

Recently British Airways (BA) celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day, whilst demonstrating their…

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