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United Airlines’ New Hire Pilot Class since COVID-19

Last week, United Airlines announced that they are starting their first pilot…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

How Safe is it to Board a Flight amid a Pandemic?

Since the onset of COVID-19, we have had to reconsider the necessity…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Southwest Airlines’ 50th Birthday Extension

The low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines (SWA) is turning 50 and to commemorate…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

AirBaltic’s 26th A220-300 Jet

First out of seven of their planned deliveries, AirBaltic welcomed its 26th…

Claudia Mok Claudia Mok

Singapore Airlines’ Signature Girl: An Essay

Each airline has its own signature style that is hard to forget;…

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Ready, Bubble, Fly – Why are Hong Kong and Singapore Bubbling up?

As recently mentioned by Travel Radar both Hong Kong and Singapore have…

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United Airlines Flies Ventilators to India

The Coronavirus has terrorised yet another country and this time it is…

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Major Aircraft Factory Forced to Close

AIM Altitude, a leading supplier of air cabin interiors, has announced that…

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How Sustainable is The Making of Bottles to Blankets?

Emirates has recently posted that ‘‘each economy class blanket is made from…

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Cathay Pacific’s First Fully Vaccinated Flight

Recently, Cathay Pacific announced that they too have joined the race for…

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