The Emirates Experience – Drinks

A plane journey would not be complete without a beverage to hand, and Emirates has got that sorted.

Drinks on the Go

Often drinks are requested when the flight attendants wheel the trolley cart down the airplane aisles, often before meals are served. For instance, on an Emirates flight, there will be a selection of soft drinks such as fizzy drinks or alcohol such as wine to choose from. Tea and coffee are often served after a meal as a refresher to perhaps go with the dessert of the day. However, if you fly First class or Business class, passengers can experience Emirates’ Onboard Bar where they get to order a wider selection of drinks.

The Emirates Experience

This wide selection ranges from normal drinks you would find on the cart to cocktails and spirit mixed drinks – there is so much choice that Emirates have a whole page dedicated to Drinks. What is more Emirates have created a new selection juices for passengers who have access to the bar to try out.

Emirates' new selection of juices
| © Emirates

Emirates say these juices are packed with vitamins and the recipes were formed by dieticians. Ingredients include Apple and Hibiscus, Ginger and Grape, Carrot and Celery etc. Juices that you would expect to find at a juice bar but one that is on the plane and in convenient reach – juices that will get you up and ready for the schedule ahead.

The Bar Itself

The Bar can be found on Emirates’ A380. The Bar’s design is very unique and sophisticated, matching Emirates aircraft design perfectly. As mentioned previously, AIM Altitude were involved in the design of the bar and lounge area, AIM Altitude having to close one of its factories earlier this year.

What kind of drink do you like to drink when up in the air? Let us know below.

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