Meals on board a plane is always an experience, and this is certainly the case with airlines like Qatar who offer a ‘dine on demand’ service to their First, and Business class passengers.

Qatar’s Quality Experience

Passengers who fly Qatar can experience the Dine on Demand service which is available to passengers travelling First class or Business with Qatar’s Q suite. There they can choose from a range of foods – from freshly baked bread to signature dishes and desserts, all available upon immediate order and request. And for the first time, a Gourmet vegan menu is available to passengers flying Business which means there is more choice to choose from.

gourmet vegan menu now available
| © Qatar Airways

Pre-select Dining

And if you are not one to dine on the spot, then Qatar offers the pre-dining service whereby passengers can reserve their order 14 days in advance or up to 24 hours before departure, as stated on Qatar’s website. This can be done by logging in to the booking portal online.

Qatar's food service on the App
| © Qatar Airways

Pre-booking is always good for passengers with special dietary requirements or requests, as this means that airlines such as Qatar can plan and prepare the meals accordingly.

But pre-booking also helps with the issue of sustainability. As previously mentioned in the article ‘‘Air Canada’s Fight Against Food Poverty’’ IATA suggested that passengers pre-book their meals to help reduce food waste. In this regard, an airline’s ability to predict the number of meals that need preparing enables them to cut back on uneaten food and helps deter food going to waste.

Which option would you be choosing, dining on demand or dining pre-requested? Do let us know in the comments below!


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