UK and US Travel Corridor Remains Closed

Although the aviation industry is slowly getting back up and running again, it seems the corridor between the UK and the US will remain shut until further notice.

UK US Corridor
UK and US corridor will stay closed. | © Artur Tumasjan

US and UK corridor is off limits

As we are nearing peak holidays season, it seems there’s one destination that UK holidaymakers won’t be able to visit this summer. Since March of 2020, travel between the UK and the USA has been halted. However, the US is on the UK’s ‘amber’ list, which means travel from the country will require a ten day quarantine upon arrival.

UK US Corridor
US travel unlikely anytime soon. | © Evgeny Tchebotarev.

Many are disappointed as they hoped the easing of restrictions in the UK would open doors all around the world. However, the US have decided to extend the travel ban with no real end date in sight. It’s unclear what effect this will have on the tourism industry that connects them both.

UK US Corridor
Travel restrictions lift…but not everywhere. | © Ross Parmly

International travel elsewhere

Canada has also been closed off from the US since March 2020, but the two countries are looking to open travel again on the 9 August to those that are vaccinated. Although UK citizens may be shut off from the US for the foreseeable future, Canada may be open for international travel in the next couples of month. For the rest of the world, the good news comes a month later. Canada will open their borders to international tourists hopefully on the 7th of September, if everything goes well with the pandemic.

Europe is also opening back up with more countries being added to the ‘green’ list, allowing more seamless travel for vaccinated passengers.

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