As coronavirus cases rise in Thailand, volunteers have helped to build a COVID-19 hospital right in Bangkok Airport.

Bangkok Airport Hospital
Coronavirus rises in the country. | © Andreas Brucker

Bangkok Airport Hospital Wing

Those who volunteered and helped to build the hospital installed toilets and beds and blankets for those suffering from the virus. It has been built in Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport in a cargo warehouse. It’s designed for those suffering with less severe COVID symptoms, but as the cases of the virus have reached a peak in Thailand, it will be a huge help to those who need care.

Bangkok Airport Hospital
Things have changed… | © Goh Rhy Yan

It’s a Level 1+ field hospital, meaning it can hold a lot of patients. However, if anyone deteriorates during their stay, they will be moved to one of  Bangkok’s bigger hospitals instead. This is just the first step and they have explained that more field hospitals will be built to accommodate those affected by the virus. The peak in cases has put a real strain on the health care sector in Thailand, so these field hospitals will breathe a huge sigh of relief into the bigger hospitals facing the crisis.

The future of Bangkok’s travel

Bangkok Airport Hospital
Bangkok Airport, but not as we know it. | © Markus Winkler

The airports haven’t been used much this year and Thailand’s airlines have also been suffering under the strain of the pandemic. Thai Airways – the country’s main carrier – had an exceptionally tough year as they faced great loses and filed for bankruptcy. Thai Airways had been fighting a losing financial battle for years, but it seemed things were looking up for the Thai airline as creditors back their proposed rehabilitation plan in May of this year.

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