50% Of French Flights Set To Be Cancelled Due To Strike Action

French air traffic controllers have called for a strike on September 16, 2022. The French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) has requested that all flights departing from French airports be reduced by 50% on that day.

Strikes in the airline sector, especially those by ground and cabin staff who want their pay boosted to reflect rising living expenses in the face of high inflation, severely disrupted summer travel in Europe.

It asked airlines to “lower their flight schedule by 50%” in a statement, adding that cancellations and significant delays were still expected even with the requested intervention and despite a reduced service.

The DGAC also advised travellers to reschedule their flights if feasible and to check with their airlines regarding the status of their flights. The strike could impact European air traffic, particularly those regularly flying over France.

The Syndicat National des Contrôleurs du Trafic Aérien (SNCTA), the largest union of air traffic controllers in France, submitted the notice of strike.

Since “a third of the workforce will retire between 2029 and 2035,” according to the union’s website, the SNCTA must receive guarantees on compensation for high inflation and future hiring.

air france
Industrial strike action by the air traffic controllers in France on September 16, 2022 @AirFrance

Air France Strike Action

Air France intends to operate on that day in the following areas, 90% of its long-distance flights and 45% of its short and medium-distance trips. Delays and last-minute cancellations are unavoidable.

The flight schedule is updated, and customers affected by cancelled flights are notified individually by SMS and e-mail. They will be offered rebooking options at no cost, a voucher, or a full refund if they no longer travel.

Air France Strike Compensation

Passengers on Air France affected by cabin crew strikes may encounter delays, overbookings, and possibly cancellations. One of the EU regulations would cover customers if you experienced service interruptions brought on by recent Air France strikes. These flight issues may qualify passengers for up to €600 in travel compensation, as reported by AirAdvisor.

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