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Iceland’s newest startup airline, Niceair, has announced a launch date of June 2, 2022. Based in Akureyri, tickets will be on sale in just a few weeks.

Connecting Northern Iceland to Europe

The airline will start service to three countries, the U.K., Denmark, and Spain. While Niceair has not yet announced which airports it will be flying into, it has spent the past two years researching the demand for leisure travel in and out of Akureyri Airport (AEY) in preparation for launch.

Akureyri Airport currently handles mostly domestic flights, with some charter operations. Niceair will bring international tourism into Northern Iceland, as well as offer travel to Europe from the local market.

Iceland niceair Akureyri Airport
Akureyri Airport is located in Northern Iceland, with Icelandair and Norlandair operating regular flights from the airport. | © Bjarki Sigursveinsson / Wikimedia

“The company’s goal is to secure scheduled flights year-round to foreign destinations from Akureyri Airport. That will simultaneously improve the quality of life for residents in the area, improve the access of foreign tourists to North Iceland, and last but not least, greatly improve the competitiveness of companies in the area,” – Þorvaldur Lúðvík Sigurjónsson, Managing Director and CEO, Niceair

The launch of Niceair is timed strategically, as Northern Iceland’s tourism market continues to grow as it begins to bounce back from pandemic levels of demand. The airline’s CEO hopes to encourage visitors to experience Northern Iceland’s beauty through the service to Akureyri.

New Airline

This is not Iceland’s first startup airline in recent years. The Niceair announcement is hot on the heels of the recently launched PLAY.

Niceair has secured an Airbus A319 as its first aircraft, with a 150 seat configuration. The aircraft will also be equipped for cargo operations. For the moment, Niceair’s air operator licence will be under an unnamed European airline.

airbus niceair
Niceair will operate an Airbus A319 when service begins in June. | © Airbus SAS 2019 Philippe Masclet / Master Films

The airline currently has multiple investors, mostly Icelandic, and plans to offer the public and other companies the opportunity to invest before launch.

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