British Airways Pays Employees Bonus

UK flag carrier, British Airways, has offered to pay a one-off goodwill bonus to 20,000 employees, including; engineers, cabin crew, baggage handlers and check-in staff. The leading UK carrier hopes this will help rebuild its relationship with its staff. The bonus will be 5% of their annual pay awarded next month and an additional 5% by the end of the year.

British Airways Staff 10% Bonus © Marco Macca / Travel Radar
British Airways Staff 10% Bonus © Marco Macca / Travel Radar

Pilot Bonus

Pilots have also been offered a lower one-off goodwill bonus of 5%, which is around £7,000 – depending on the exact salary. A British Airways spokesperson said that the “proposal is a gesture of thanks for colleagues’ hard work during the pandemic”

Chief Executive of British Airways since 2020, Sean Doyle, had made this pledge to help restore morale among staff, which would also, in turn, improve their customer service. Doyle mentions on the BA website that:

“Our entire team is here to provide exceptional service – from our signature warm welcome to ensuring that you arrive at your destination safely.”

CEO of British Airways, Sean Doyle © British Airways
CEO of British Airways, Sean Doyle © British Airways

Covid-19 Implications

Due to the unfortunate impact of Covid-19 on airlines and the travel industry, British Airways’ former Chief Executive, Alex Cruz, laid off 10,000 employees in 2020. Politicians at the time called this a “national disgrace” and new boss Doyle has been trying to make amends since. The same year, British Airways made a loss of £3.9 billion, so those who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs had to accept a pay cut, resulting in a 15-35% reduction in their salary.

British Airways also had some cancellations today due to the impact of Strom Eunice in Europe. Read more here


Do you think this bonus will help British Airways rekindle its relationship with its staff? Let us know in the comments below.


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