Mariana Southern Airways: The World’s Newest Airline!

Mariana Southern Airways introduces a new era in inter-island air travel, with new connecting flights between Rota, Tinian and Saipan commencing from August the 12th. Establishing a name for itself  in the inter-island air market that is dominated by Hawaiiwan Airlines. 


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The initial routes for Marianas Southern Airways © Marianas Southern Airways


This air bridge between the four islands will provide a significant boost in the economy for the Commonwealth of the North Mariana Island (CMNI) by allowing more tourist-related and local businesses to thrive. The new airline is a joint partnership between Southern Airways Express and Marianas Pacific Airlines.

significantly elevate the quality of life for residents living in Mariana Islands, as local and tourist businesses will be reap the benefits of having an increase of service that enhances seat and cargo capacity.

The importance of inter-island flights

Vice President of CNMI, Bill Giles said:

“Marianas Southern Airways has opened its website for ticket sales and is delighted to offer low introductory fares across all of our routes.” “We are proud to have offered employment to over 20 people within the Northern Mariana Islands and look forward to contributing to the NMI’s economic growth.”

A significant lot of anxiety and concern spread throughout the island chain in December 2021 when the lone airline operating via the Mariana Islands abruptly stopped operations for a short period of time. Local companies and community leaders joined forces to start exploring for other options in order to stop such uncertainty from happening again.

The new airline has launched new trade opportunities for businesses in the Mariana Islands, enabling them to stimulate their own economy and not have to rely on financial grants from the United States and therefore be able to strengthen and improve their infrastructures, public services, health care and cultural and natural resource protection.

Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, Ralph Torres said:

“The Marianas is a tropical paradise with some of the best beaches in the world, clear blue waters, a beautiful environment, some of the best golf courses in the Pacific, award-winning dive sites, cultural festivals that showcase our Chamorro and Carolinian cultures and celebrate the diversity of our islands, and, most importantly, we have the most welcoming people in the world.”

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Mariana’s Island Rota becomes more accessible with their newest airline ©

This will significantly elevate the quality of life for residents living in Mariana Islands, as local and tourist businesses will  reap the benefits that inter-island flights provide through increased services that enhances seat and cargo capacity.

Residents of the CMNI will find it easier to take vacations because one-way tickets range from $39 to $99. With the help of the new airline, people may travel safely to visit their families and take advantage of opportunities to go to popular events such as the Taste of Marianna’s festival.


Will Mariana Southern Airways take the legacy of inter-island flights from Hawaii? Let us know in the comments below!

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