A Southwest Airlines passenger sparks fury by airdropping nude photos to everyone aboard
Southwest Airlines is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and runs 10 international services | © Boeing

Southwest Airlines could face up to $825 million in charges as a result of having major disruptions to thousands of their flights.

Southwest Airlines Could Face Up To $825 Million In Charges

Further Details

Over 16,000 flights were cancelled as a result of severe weather changes taking place in the USA last December. The stormy weather conditions were far too dangerous for pilots to fly an aircraft through. However, due to this, many passengers were left stranded in multiple locations causing major outrage. This is not the first time that Southwest Airlines have had to both cancel or delay their flights due to dangerous weather conditions in America. Last March, the airline had to cancel up to 520 flights and delayed 1512 on one day alone.


Southwest Airlines released a statement at the time addressing the understood anger from their customers.

“Even our deepest apologies – to our Customers, to our Employees, and all affected by this disruption – only go so far”

They also ensured them that they would repair and improve the situation to the best of their ability.

The low-cost airline left customers in extremely difficult situations as many ran out of essentials such as clothes due to not being prepared for these circumstances. Therefore, the airline promised those who were left stranded between the 24th of December and the 2nd of January a reimbursement to cover the money spent on accommodation and food, as well as offering flexibility to change their travelling plans.

Chaos at Christmas

Though unavoidable, these flight cancellations came at the most busiest time of year for the aviation industry. Many passengers were rushing home to get to their loved ones in time for the festive season. Despite the airline promising to reimburse all customers that were affected by the issue, a huge amount of the customers have admitted on social hasa that this has not been the case.  Though the airline have reassured customers that this will be sorted out efficiently, this alongside the high number of flight cancellations and delays has left the airline suffering a major loss in terms of profit.

Southwest Airlines are in danger of losing up to $425 million due to the cancellation of flights alone.


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