Will We See a Rise in Luxury Travel After The Pandemic?

The pandemic has altered the aviation industry, but it seems it could have a positive impact on the private sector and result in a rise in luxury travel airlines.

Luxury travel
Travel at its finest. | © Ivan Theodoulou

Shifting to a new way of travel

Airlines and airports across the world have taken a real hit during the coronavirus outbreak and many have had to cut costs and create new forms of income. Consequently, airports have been looking at new ways to travel. For example, Singapore’s Changi airport became a glamping spot for those missing the duty-free shops and Berlin’s Tegel Airport has been auctioning off its parts, including chairs and snowplows.

Luxury travel airlines
Is luxury the step forward? | © Luxury Travel Group

As aspects of the industry have had to adapt to a new way of flying, other companies may find benefits in the strain the pandemic has put on the aviation world.

Luxury travel making its mark

For instance, new luxury airlines are still starting up, despite the pandemic. Fortunately, this gives the companies the chance to reimagine their airline and evolve using all the problems airlines are currently facing.

This year, U.S. charter company Aero launched their luxurious airline, which oozes first class travel and vows to create a custom experience for those who travel with them. This type of private travel could be extremely appealing to those who want to fly with a reduced passenger capacity, and can afford to do so. The pandemic was known to actually boost the use of private jets.

Also, there is likely to be an influx of travellers heading to luxury destinations too. Therefore, if people do not choose to fly with private airlines, then travellers may opt for more opulent, first-class flight options to coincide with their luxurious trip. Self-care, relaxation and wellness are at the forefront of travellers’ desires for 2021, so the aviation industry need to align with these inclinations. In addition to this, people may want to stay local when travel restrictions lift a little. Thus, private charters will be much more useful to those that want to travel within their country’s borders, as they offer a personal and non-public experience.

Luxury and Private Airlines
Flying almost solo. | © Ondrej Bocek

Does luxury mean safety?

One of the biggest attractions of luxury travel is the customised experience the private airlines can offer to its flyers. With custom, comes luxury, and it’s an opulence not everyone can enjoy. It is likely that when travel becomes less restricted, travellers will want to avoid large crowds and mainstream encounters. In late 2020, it was noted that private travel was talked about less in terms of cost, and more about the health and safety benefits it offers instead. People want to know they are going to be safe, especially with the heightened threat of coronavirus.

Luxury travel companies could offer health and safety measures that bigger, commercial airlines cannot. For example, private planes hold a lot less people and start-up luxury airlines can design their jets and business strategy with social distancing and hygiene in mind.

Back in January 2020, top executives in the field predicted a surge in luxury travel throughout that year. However, coronavirus caused disruptions across the industry and private airlines lost a lot of their wealthy business flyers. Thus, private travel companies have turned their attention to creating an environment fit for the current times.

Luxury travel looks like its on the rise, but do you think travellers will choose more private methods of travel after the pandemic is over? Let us know below!

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