Singapore’s Changi Airport Introduces A New Way To Travel

Perhaps the most light-hearted news to enter the aviation sector during these troubling times was the announcement about Singapore’s recent addition to its Changi Airport – glamping – a new way to travel.

Changi’s Airport Always Stands Out

Singapore’s airport has always been considered one of the best in the world, so it is unsurprising that they are catering for a service that is representative of the current crisis happening in the world. Visitors can now stay in the airport overnight in a glamping site designed for those that yearn for a holiday during the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic – the unique addition provides visitors with a new way to travel.

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Jewel Changi Airport  | © Siti Hawa

With its biophilic design, Changi has always been one to push the limits of airport architecture. It is already home to floating art, a waterfall and walls embellished with plants and foliage. Normally, the forest only mesmerises travellers enjoying a meal, waiting for a connecting flight or awaiting their departures from the airport.

A New Way to Travel

However, as restrictions tighten and travelling gets more and more difficult, Singapore have identified a niche in holiday opportunities – a way to roam, without the need to actually travel far. Many have struggled this year with the limitations on where they can go and the reduction of family holidays and leisurely trips. Many people have had to cancel getaways, stay in their native country and be constrained to their own homes. For those that love to fly routinely, the pandemic has kept them to the ground.

Nevertheless, with glamping at Changi, guests have the chance to travel, without the travel. Thus, keeping everyone safe, while still having the opportunity to experience something a little different.

What to Expect from Changi’s New Way to Travel

If you have not heard the term before, glamping is a fairly new way of traveling. Glamping incorporates the traditional aspects of camping, but with a twist. The glamping service upgrades tents to yurts or luxurious spaces and usually eliminates the threat of bad weather or mosquitos.

The yurts at Changi can hold up to five people and are available during the day. Passengers can enjoy a picnic in the beautiful airport. Alternatively, visitors can opt for an overnight stay and enjoy an evening and a sunrise in the yurts with a picturesque view of the biggest indoor waterfall in the world – the Rain Vortex.

A new way to travel
A Glamping Yurt in Changi Airport | © Siti Hawa

Surrounded by a forest, guests are taken away from the duty-free shops and cafes and transported to a land of shrubbery and natural wonder. There are two places to glamp at the airport – on the first and the fifth floors – both of which offer different views and experiences. The latter even offers hiking trails to those that want to venture through the airport. Passengers can enjoy an encounter that resembles a real expedition.

Unfortunately for some, glamping at Changi still has not been able to shed the shared facilities factor that accompanies real camping and the airport only offers the public toilets and showers to those that need to use them. However, at one of the best airports in the world, it is unlikely that the bathrooms will resemble those that reside at regular campsites. Also, the glamping ticket provides discounts for shops in the airport, so individuals can indulge in a little retail therapy like they normally would during a well-earned rest.

The Cost of a Changi Sleepover

On weekends, guests can expect to pay around S$360.00 a night. As a result, the cost is indicative of the luxurious glamping experience they will receive. The airport provides check in and check out times and free Wi-Fi. Also, for additional costs, groups can pay for private film screenings and picnics.

With another innovative and immersive idea under their belts, Changi yet again position themselves as the thought leaders in the aviation field and provide positivity to people in uncertain times. The only question that comes to mind is – what will the airport create next? Let us know your predictions below!

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