qatar airport experience
© Florian Wehde

The Duty Free at Hamad International Airport in Qatar is celebrating a big birthday this month as it turns twenty one and adding to their airport experience! It seems they are celebrating the only way they know how, by showing the world that they’re not slowing down.

qatar airport experience
The view from HIA. | © Safwan Mahmud

New and improved airport experience

The Airport is opening 21 new shopping and dining outlets. They are significantly investing in their area. Hamad International Airport is receiving a serious boom with new shopping and eating facilities for international travellers. Flyers arriving and departing will be able to experience the new arrival of the shops.

qatar airport experience
Views from the sky of Qatar. | © Radoslaw Prekurat

Life after the pandemic

With lots of airports revamping in the wake of the coronavirus, it comes as of no surprise that Hamad international airport wants to be at the top of its game. With the world attempting some form of normality, airports want to offer their flyers safety, as well as an unique experience that rivals other airports’ services. It’s a beautiful welcome back for those that have missed the high quality treatment at airports.

qatar airport experience
Qatar Airways dining experience. | © Jan Rosolino

Qatar Airways also started offering a Dine on Demand service where business passengers could select their meals two weeks before their flights.

It seems airports and airlines are looking at ways to streamline travel and get people back on their planes as soon as possible. However, not as many airports have had the opportunity to grow for the future. For example, as coronavirus cases rise in Thailand, volunteers have helped to build a COVID-19 hospital in a cargo of Bangkok Airport. It seems not everywhere has recovered from the outbreak.

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