Kabul Airport Descends Into Chaos Following Explosion, French Ambassador Warns Second Explosion Possible

Breaking: Kabul Airport targeted by militants as confirmed explosions strike near Abbey Gate. The United States has provided no details around casualties. However, the Taliban claim THIRTEEN dead in the attack so far, according to Al Jazeera. French Ambassador David Martinon tweeted a sinister message of warning urging people around the airport to get away from the gate and take cover as a second strike is “possible”.

It’s thought that western intelligence agencies were aware of an imminent threat at Kabul Airport after issuing warnings terrorist threat alerts just hours before confirming an explosion had taken place at an entry gate at the airport. Numerous countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom, issued warnings earlier today urging civilians to avoid Kabul Airport and surrounding areas.

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  • The Pentagon’s press secretary John Kirby confirmed there had been an explosion outside Afghanistan’s Kabul airport, adding that it’s uncertain whether there are any casualties at this time.
  • A statement from Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, revealed that the Taliban had warned US troops about the presence and threat of ISIS in Afghanistan. 
  • Various sources have indicated that the bombing could be linked to ISIS Militants. It’s thought that the strike came from a suicide bomber stood outside Abbey Gate near the Baron Hotel.
  • Germany has confirmed its last plane has now left Kabul Airport 
  • The UK and Italy Defence Ministers have confirmed no citizens of each country have been injured or killed by the blast.

To all our Afghan friends: If you are near the airport gates, get away urgently and take shelter. A second explosion is possible. -French Ambassador David Martinon.

Smoke rises from Kabul Airport after a large explosion at the Abbey Gate following several western agencies reporting a terrorist threat just hours earlier
Smoke rises from Kabul Airport after a large explosion at the Abbey Gate, following several western agencies reporting a terrorist threat just hours earlier. © Sky News

John Kirby, Assistant to the secretary of defence for public affairs, tweeted an update as a result of today’s blast outside Kabul airport.

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