Frequent-flyer Australians are in for an exhilarating ride as Qantas unveiled its new reward campaign that includes mega prizes for passengers who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

Image is to show the new Qantas reward scheme
Image of new reward scheme app © Qantas

Any vaccinated frequent flyer over the age of 18  can claim their reward through the Qantas app and choose one of the following three options:

  • 1000 Qantas points
  • 15 status credits
  • $20 flight discount for Qantas or Jetstar

The biggest reward, however, is that members are automatically entered into a mega prize draw to win a year’s worth of flights, accommodation and fuel. They also have a chance to win one of the ten mega prizes available, with a winner selected from each state and territory and two of the mega prize winners joining the national TV campaign.

Winners of the ten mega prizes win a year’s worth of flights to more than 60 destinations around Australia, with free accommodation across 345 Accor hotels, resorts and apartments and will also be able top up their cars with free fuel from any one of BP’s 1400 service stations across the country. Winners will also be able to take off to any Qantas and Jetstar international destination when borders start to reopen.

To show Qantas crew
Image of Qantas Airlines crew. © Qantas

Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce, highlighted the importance of the vaccine rollout and ending the cycle of lockdowns. “Getting vaccinated is an important step that every Australian can take that brings us that little bit closer to life as we knew it.” He went on to add, “As the national carrier, we want to recognise those who have made the effort to protect themselves and the community.” Qantas are also helping with this by ensuring all their staff have vaccinations.

Qantas members are going to be delighted with this campaign as he adds, “this is one of the biggest giveaways we’ve ever done. The impact of the pandemic on the travel industry and our own Qantas Group team members means we have a clear vested interest in the success of the vaccine rollout.”

Showing Qantas air hostess providing customer service
Image showing air hostess serving customers

Australians can claim their points, status credits or flight discounts and be automatically entered in the mega prize draw by downloading the Qantas app (via the App Store or through Google Play), using their Medicare app to access and upload their Covid-19 digital vaccination certificate and selecting their reward choice. Vaccination certificate information will be deleted upon verification. More information can be found here.

So what do you think of this campaign? Will you be getting vaccinated to get the chance to win one of the mega prizes and help break the cycle of lockdowns? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweet us @thetravelradar.

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