Here’s everything you need to know about the EU’s COVID Travel Pass, which will allow travel restrictions to lift across the European Union.

EU's COVID Travel Pass
Life after COVID for the EU. | © Christian Lue

What is the EU’s COVID Travel Pass?

Introduced as a way of getting travel back up and running smoothly again, the EU’s COVID Travel Pass will allow more seamless travel between countries in the European Union. Also referred to as the Digital Green Certificate, the pass will also allow restrictions to lift on some non-EU countries too, depending on some factors.

EU's COVID Travel Pass
EU Travel changes. | © Christian Lue

Similarly to the IATA Travel Pass, the EU’s version will be full of information about the passenger travelling. This data will include test results and the person’s vaccination record. However, unlike the IATA pass, the EU’s will come in the form of a digital QR code and also as a paper certificate.

Travel in the new era

With travel being restricted for well over a year now, the aviation industry is looking to the future of flying in a world impacted by the pandemic. Airports and airlines have all been preparing for take off in a whole new era – with hygiene precautions enhanced, valid documents to travel put in place, vaccinated staff and flyers with negative COVID tests.

EU's COVID Travel Pass
EU regulations are changing. | © Markus Winkler

When will the Travel Pass be launched?

Members of the EU can expect to see the pass in circulation by June as the certificate will be passed as a regulation in the European Union. This means all countries must comply by the time the legislative act comes to power in July. The EU have stated that the certificate is not only to allow those vaccinated to travel freely, but to help streamline those that need to quarantine, and those that do not need to.

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