Delhi International Airport has witnessed a surge in flight frequencies (particularly amongst Private Jets and Charter Flights) at its General Aviation Terminal, which opened as recently as September 2020. Despite the fact that India is currently in the midst of its peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with record daily case numbers and deaths, it has resulted in flight frequencies at Delhi’s General Aviation Terminal, increasing from around 24 to 35 flights a day.

The primary causes behind this, are due to increases in demand for Air Ambulances to deal with outbreaks of Covid-19 and a conscious feeling of safety amongst the wealthier citizens, who rather to take Private Jet Flights, where they can more easily regulate Covid-19 hygiene measures as opposed to taking Commercial Flights. Meanwhile, Commercial Aviation at the Airport has witnessed a nose dive, thereby resulting in the Airport temporarily closing Terminal Two.

General Aviation
General Aviation Terminal Leading Travel Demand In The Midst Of  The Covid-19 Pandemic © Business Traveller

General Aviation Thriving In Safety & Popularity

Last month, Delhi’s General Aviation Terminal witnessed more than 1,000 Aircraft Movements, including 100 Air Ambulance flights. Furthermore, the Terminal has incorporated Immigration and Customs Counters, thereby resulting in speedier processing of passengers departing and arriving at Delhi. This has resulted in passengers that can afford it, opting for Charter and Private Flights.

The CEO of Club One Air, Rajan Mehra, says passengers are now happy to pay additional flight costs to protect themselves and their family from contracting Covid-19. He said, “People who would previously have travelled Business or First Class on Commercial Flights, are now turning to Charters with a vengeance, despite the cost differential. They would want to ensure the safety and hygiene of their families above the budgeted factors and would happily pay the extra cost to fly private.”


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