UPS Boeing 757 Returns To Louisville After Suffering Hydraulic Failure

A UPS Boeing 757-200 returned to Louisville after suffering hydraulic failure shortly after departure from Louisville International Muhammad Ali Airport. The incident took place on December 28, 2020.

The Boeing 757 with registration N468UP was performing flight 5X-342 from Louisville to San Juan, Peurto Rico with 3 crew members on board. According to The Aviation Herald, the crew requested to level off at 5000 feet in order to run checklists.

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The aircraft circled to approach the runway 17R | Photo:

The crew then decided to return to Louisville, declaring an emergency. The crew also informed the air traffic control that they would need to do everything manually. They also lost the left hydraulic system shortly.

The crew informed that they would have no steering upon landing. The aircraft then positioned for an ILS approach and made a successful landing safely. The aircraft vacated the runway via the high-speed turn-off, and towing wasn’t needed.

The UPS Boeing 757-200, with registration N468UP, was involved in the incident. The aircraft was delivered to the airline back in October 1997 and is currently 23.3 years old. The aircraft was assembled at Boeing’s Renton plant with MSN 25484 and is powered by two Rolls-Royce engines.

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