Turkey plans to welcome UK tourists without vaccines this summer

With many countries eager to restore their touristic industries back to pre-Coronavirus levels, Turkey becomes the latest to propose a new initiative in doing so. Turkey is preparing to welcome UK tourists again this coming summer, including those who will not have had their vaccines.

Arrivals welcome

After a difficult year, Turkey is more than ready to welcome British tourists back to its sunny beach resorts. But, while many countries are putting plans in place to introduce vaccination passports, Turkey has a different approach, and says that UK tourists will not need to provide proof that they have received their Covid-19 vaccination. In what seems to be another bid to appeal to tourists, Turkey has also stated that it will be unlikely that tourists need to provide proof of a negative PCR test, largely thanks to the UK’s success in the rollout of the vaccination.

[The UK has been successful in rapidly rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine] | © ]antiguaobserver]
In contrast to its European neighbours, the United Kingdom has been a front runner for vaccinating the population. It is reported that 24 million people have now received their first dose of the vaccine, whilst almost 1.6 million have had their second.

Adults vaccinated by July

The UK government is pledging to have the majority of adults who wish to receive the vaccine fully vaccinated by July. With the increase in supplies, the rate of those receiving vaccinations could increase rapidly, with healthcare workers potentially having the capacity to vaccinate twice as many people per week as they currently are vaccinating. If the UK manages to reach this goal, it would coincide perfectly with Turkey’s summer plans, allowing for travel with minimal risk and the reboot of their tourism industry.

Marmaris Turkey
“[Turkey is a popular destination for British tourists] | © ]marmaris.org]”
Meanwhile, in the Turkish resorts Altinkum, Icmeler, Bodrum, and Marmaris, hotel employees and those who work in the tourism industry are being prioritised ahead of others to receive the vaccine. Turkish hotels are also preparing to provide PCR tests for their guests who will return to a country that requires proof of a negative test.

Turkey elaborates

Speaking on the matter of welcoming international tourists once again, the country’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, is quoted as saying: ““We will not require vaccination passports from international travellers when entering the country. We have world-class border processes in place for ensuring travel will be low-risk throughout Turkey.”

Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism red logo
[Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism support the decision] | © ]meditravelist]
Regarding British tourist more specifically, the Minister added: “We will re-evaluate the situation and decide if we will continue to require negative PCR test results from British citizens entering the country.

I expect there will be no such requirement from British visitors as the UK government is rapidly, and impressively, rolling out the vaccination program for the whole nation, and a significant portion of the population will be vaccinated by early summer.

We are looking forward to welcoming British tourists with open arms, as we did safely last summer.”

Turkey is positive and optimistic about its plans, but what do you think? Will you be organising a trip to Turkey this summer? Share your thoughts with us below!

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