Travel to Morocco Still Involves Quarantine

by Olivia Newman
Morocco travel quarantine

Individuals looking to travel to Morocco this month will face a ten-day stay in a specific quarantine hotel and are required to take a PCR test.

travel Morocco quarantine

Morocco is reopening. | © Sergey Pesterev

Morocco’s quarantine rules for travel

Even though the aviation industry is set to take off again elsewhere in the world, Morocco is still limiting travel in its country with quarantine. Although Morocco’s vaccinated population has reached over five million, the country is avoiding taking any risks that involve the travel sector.

travel Morocco list quarantine

Holidays for those in the UK? | © Aissam Kakri

Unlike other countries ready to open their borders again, Morocco is only re-opening its line of travel to citizens stranded in other places around the globe.

The flight plan

The flights that will bring individuals home will be scheduled by Moroccan authorities. Flyers entering the country will have to quarantine in the Casablanca hotels, which authorities have approved for travellers’ stays. On the other hand, those looking to leave Morocco will have to have their travel approved.

travel Morocco quarantine

Airports reopen to those wanting to come home. | © Christian Lambert

Travel has been suspended to over 54 countries in an attempt to control the impact coronavirus has had on the country. Although it seems like a small step in comparison to the rest of the world, Morocco is preparing to end all travel restrictions on 10 June this year. Morocco confirms that this is when travel will resume as normal again.

The country is even expected to be on the UK’s green list – a selection of places that travel will be made easier to for UK citizens looking to travel abroad in the summer. This is because Morocco has had quite a low number of cases throughout the pandemic.

Do you think Morocco will make it onto the UK’s ‘green’ travel list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nick Hawel
Nick Hawel
4 months ago

I think it will be at least October at this rate and even then they could lock down suddenly and leave you stranded like last March ..Nick Hawel .

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