CEO of Gatwick Airport Reacts to Restart of International Travel

With international travel restrictions eased on Monday making it legal to travel for leisure again, Gatwick Airport is finally able to increase their operations after a year of grounded flights.

The Reaction to Reopening Gatwick

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest airport and flies a range of both short and long-haul services. Stewart Wingate, Gatwick, CEO, said yesterday:We’re looking forward to welcoming our passengers back in larger numbers from today, now that we have some certainty and people can start thinking about reuniting with loved ones and friends, or having a long awaited, well-deserved holiday in the sun.

Stewart Wingate, chief executive officer at London Gatwick airport © Chris Ratcliffe
Stewart Wingate, chief executive officer at London Gatwick airport © Chris Ratcliffe

It’s going to be a slow, steady start but we expect more destinations will be added to the Green list as soon as it is safe to do so and as people feel increasingly confident and excited about planning a trip this Summer.

Passengers should however make sure they have all the right test or vaccination paperwork required for their destination, check that their passport is valid and that they fully understand what is expected at the UK border when they arrive back.”

Impact of Covid-19

Due to the impact of Covid-19, flights from Gatwick were significantly reduced and last year passenger numbers fell 78%. Despite the airport remaining open throughout the pandemic, all revenue streams were impacted and the collapse in passenger demand led to a £465.5m loss for the twelve-month period.

Over the last few months, the airport have implemented a number of screening services and high tech cleaning facilities including UV security trays to ensure passenger safety.

The airport is vital for the UK’s national infrastructure and is also a major driver for both the regional and national economies. Have you got any flights booked from Gatwick Airport? Let us know below!

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