The Addition of the Peacock Suite

There’s a new luxurious way to travel this year, designed by the company Paperclip Design – introducing, the Peacock Suite.

Peacock Suites
New Peacock Suites. | © Butterfly Seating

Who are Paperclip Design?

Paperclip Design are a company in Hong Kong focused on aviation and solving problems relating to the industry. They are used to finding solutions to problems found in aircraft and the company consists of designers looking to make a real change in the sector.

Peacock Suites
Bedrooms transformed. | © Butterfly Seating

Their latest mission was to create a space that both airlines and travellers could benefit from with a luxurious touch and an adaptable approach. 

What’s the Peacock Suite?

Rightfully named the Peacock Suite, the design shows off the innovative style of the company.  Beds can be converted into seats, while also being able to become a  first class suite; the whole design is made for flexibility with a transformative element. The suites can be for single use or for a couple. The design even allows for four people to gather in one space – perfect for a family travelling on a flight.

What does the Peacock Suite look like?

The suite is a semi-circle designed for use on the layout of a wide aircraft. It allows for both sitting and sleeping and can be changed easily into a two-bedroom apartment.

Peacock Suites
A change to sitting. | © Butterfly Seating

The design can also be altered, so flyers in the suites can access private bathrooms. The Peacock Suite also adapts for more luxurious levels and aspects can be changed to benefit those wanting to fly in style. 

However, the suite is still a concept at the moment, but may start to take off as luxury travel grows. Luxury travel is a trend that’s set to be big this year as people opt to travel less, but safely.

Would you choose the Peacock Suite for a luxurious trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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