Thailand Reopens for UK Travellers

For those that didn’t get a chance to travel in 2020, now is your chance to visit Thailand as it reopens its borders to UK citizens.

Thailand UK travellers
UK can travel to Thailand again. | © Adam Wilson

UK Cuts the Red List

Along with many others, Thailand has been cut from the red list. This now leaves only seven countries on the “banned” list.

Thailand UK travellers
Thailand borders open to low risk countries. | © Mg Cthu

Travel to Thailand has been suspended all year, so it’s good news for people who have family and friends living in either country. It’s also perfect for travellers who didn’t get to tick Thailand off their bucket list since the pandemic devastated the world.

Thailand Back Open to UK Travellers

Tourism is key to Thailand and many UK citizens flock to the country to experience the beautiful beaches, incredible culture and hot climate.

However, there is a catch. UK citizens must be vaccinated if they want to travel to Thailand and carry out caution when visiting the country and quarantine will now end for vaccinated UK travellers heading to Thailand. It has been dubbed the best time to go on holiday, as South Africa, Brazil and many other countries scrap the quarantine for vaccinated UK visitors.

Thailand UK travellers
World resumes somewhat normally. | © Andrew Stutesman

Thailand and the Rest of the World

Along with the UK, Thailand has reopened to more countries it considers low risk, including Singapore and Germany.

However, it seems things still aren’t easy for those wanting to visit the countries on the red list, including Peru and Columbia. Nevertheless, this is a huge step to recover the losses the aviation industry has faced during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Hopefully it won’t be long until travel resumes as normal all over the world, and people feel safe going on holiday again.

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