Spain to be the First in the EU to Reopen to the UK

As the UK prepares for international travel to resume as normal again, Spain wants to be the first country in the EU on the holidaymakers’ destination list.

spain uk reopen
Spain back on the list. | © Drew Graham

Spain to be the first in the EU

Spain have expressed that they want to be first to open back up again to UK citizens looking for a summer break this year. This means that they are looking to open their borders to those looking to travel this year.

spain uk reopen
Travel will look very different. | © Ethan Wilkinson

The country are aiming to be back open to UK tourists in the first week of June, which is only just around the corner.

Vaccinated to fly

However, there is a catch for UK holidaymakers who want to have a vacation away in Spain this summer. The country have said that only those who are vaccinated will be able to travel there.

The country will be the first in the EU to open their doors again, whilst the rest of Europe will be waiting until the end of June until they reopen again to vaccinated non-EU travellers.

Quarantine-free travel

spain uk reopen
Summer holidays back on? | © Nick Fewings

If all goes well in the next few weeks, the UK government will confirm which countries are green, red or amber. They will review the list again at the start of June and decide who will receive the quarantine-free treatment. If Spain makes it onto the green list, then travellers from the UK will be able to visit the country without having to quarantine on arrival home. This is a huge incentive to fly for tourists and will boost the aviation industry.

Do you think Spain will make it onto the green list in time for UK tourists to book their holidays this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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