Spain set to scrap PCR test requirements for UK arrivals from next week

From 20th May, Spain will no longer require negative PCR test from UK travellers, a move that could boost travel from the UK, as the UK officially lifts travel restrictions from 17th May.

Restrictions lifted

Spain has taken the decision to drop negative PCR test requirements for travellers arriving from the UK, a move UK airports are more than ready for. The decision to drop the test was taken in a bid to attract more British tourists, after a difficult winter and spring season for tourism in Spain. The removal of PCR testing will eliminate one obstacle in Britons’ way to travelling internationally, however, the need to self-isolate on return will remain.

Spanish flag flying against a blue sky
[Usually a popular holiday destination, Spain has had a tough year for tourism] | © ]WindEurope]
In a balancing act between replenishing the economy and keeping cases of Coronavirus low, Spain chose to drop the testing in light of the UK’s success in containing Covid cases. The UK’s rate of cases per 100,000 has been below 50 since the end of March. Providing it stays that way, Spanish Tourism Minister, Reyes Maroto, stated that Britons will be permitted entry without the PCR test. However, the real issue may arise upon the British public’s return to the UK.

Code Amber

As announced earlier this month, Spain did not make the cut for the UK green list. This then leaves Spain on the amber list, meaning that those returning from the country must take two PCR tests and quarantine for 10 days.

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[The steep price tag of a PCR test could interfere with Spain’s plans to get the economy back on track] | © ]Time]
However, the cost of self-isolating and paying for the two PCR tests is steep for the average passenger. Currently, the cheapest test kit costs around £151 per person, meaning a family of four could be set back around £600 for test alone. The high cost of travelling to a country not on the green list is understandably off-putting, and could this scupper Spain’s plans to increase their tourism and boost the economy.

Short green list

The release of the green list within the UK has left most people, and those in the aviation industry, deflated. Just 14 countries were listed, and only two of those were European countries. One of these, Portugal, seems the most likely destination for Brits to choose, with bookings expected to sky rocket. Many hope that in time, more restriction-free destinations will open their borders yet again.

What do you think of Spain’s decision to lift PCR testing requirements? Will you be booking a ticket? Share your thoughts below!

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