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The travel bubble between cities. | © Swapnil Bapat

Singapore and Hong Kong are planning to create a travel bubble this month, allowing individuals to fly from one country to the other.

Hong Kong Singapore
In the sky at Hong Kong. | © Rusland Bardash

Quarantine free travel between Singapore and Hong Kong

The travel bubble is set to begin on the 26th May 2021. The plan was already in place previously, but due to issues and a spike in coronavirus in Hong Kong, the move was delayed from November until this month. The travel bubble will allow quarantine free travel between the two countries – a huge step in the aviation sector’s battle against the pandemic.

Singapore Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport. | © Wonderlane

For the next two weeks, flights will be restricted to one a day, flying each way. Also, the aircrafts will be at a maximum capacity of 200 passengers a flight. Those flying from Hong Kong will have to be vaccinated and both parties will be required to take tests three days before departure and when they arrive in the other country.  It’s a strict regime, which will be worth it for those who need to travel seamlessly for work or business.

Tourism back on the cards

Singapore Hong Kong
Singapore Airport. | © Joe Green

Singapore and Hong Kong are hopeful that the travel bubble will reignite tourism in both countries as they look to the future of the aviation industry – one that can recover from the effects of coronavirus. Changi Airport in Singapore were looking at different ways of making money throughout the pandemic, including a glamping experience for locals, so they could enjoy a holiday experience from the luxury of a yurt.

The same concept was carried out by Australia and New Zealand, who also created a bubble between the two of them. If the first two weeks are successful, then more flights will be carried out between Singapore and Hong Kong.

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