Singapore International Airlines Airbus A380
Vaccination is key to resuming international travel © Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has announced a new flight schedule for services operated by the SIA group.

The changes have been made for services between November 2020 to January 2021. This also includes direct flights between Singapore and San Francisco being reinstated.

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Singapore Airlines has 12 A380s currently in their fleet. ©WikiCommons


SIA restarts direct flights to San Francisco

SIA has announced that as of 15 December, direct flights between Singapore and San Francisco will start again. These direct flights will run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The flights are scheduled to leave Singapore Changi Airport at 18:40 and arrive at San Francisco at 17:20, approximately 14 hours and 40 minutes of flying time. It is also reported that flights between San Francisco and Nagoya, Japan, will start again in December.

The SIA Group consists of 3 groups, Singapore International Airlines (SIA), SilkAir and Scoot. Flight numbers are being increased to Manila, Perth and Kuala Lumpur operated by SIA and SilkAir. However, Scoot would be suspending their operations in that region.

On the flip side, SIA and SilkAir will be suspending their flights to Penang, Surabaya and Taipei whilst Scoot will increase their number of flights to them areas. These flights are subject to regulatory approvals but if successful, will commence between November and December 2020.

SIA commented:

The adjustment of services between SIA, SilkAir, and Scoot is the result of a detailed review to determine which airlines in the SIA Group portfolio are best suited to meet evolving customer and cargo demand.


Singapore International Airlines Airbus A380
Singapore International Airlines Airbus A380 © Singapore Airlines

Across the world, airlines are starting to slowly recover from the Coronavirus pandemic. Singapore Airlines passenger capacity is now increasing, and they are looking to reinstate more services as restrictions ease. As well as many other airlines, SIA is experiencing high demand for cargo operations around the world.

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