Singapore Airlines Academy Releases Business Training Courses

Singapore Airlines have opened up their doors to a different kind of service this March; they are offering the training facilities from their academy to people outside of their business.

Singapore Airlines Academy
The Singapore Airlines Academy takes off. | © Troy Mortier

The Singapore Airlines Training Centre

The airline are not only offering their Singapore Airlines Academy training to teams outside their business and the aviation sector, but to the public also. The Singapore Airlines (SIA) Training Centre first opened its doors to the public back in 2015, when they allowed the public to visit inside their training facilities.

Singapore Airlines Training
The training staff are world class teachers. | © Singapore Airlines

They have excellent initiatives with world-class training staff, which haven’t been used much over the past year. However, now they are presenting their training courses to businesses that may be interested to hear how the airline have became so successful. The Singapore Airlines Academy are hoping others may want to replicate their successes in different sectors. They’ve found that their advanced services can be rendered useful outside the aviation industry with presentations, role-play and other beneficial training tools.

The Business Training Courses Offered by the Singapore Airlines Academy

Some of the courses on offer are: ‘Service Excellence’ and ‘Effective Communication’, ‘Organisational Innovation’ and ‘Handling Challenging Customers’. The airline are even offering customised courses for clients if they desire them. Some of the subjects covered are customer service, leadership, resilience and managing errors. It’s extremely useful for anyone wanting to learn from one of the best in the business.

Singapore Airlines
Need help with Crisis Management? | © Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Many airlines during the pandemic have been branching out and looking for new ways to profit and help out their local community. For example, Teesside Airport in the United Kingdom have been working on getting local brands into their airport stores. Whereas, Singapore Airlines have been using their free time and incredible training experience to teach others both virtually and in-person. The exchange also helps the airline gain knowledge outside of their business to further their understanding across industries.

More from Singapore

The aviation industry in Singapore have been challenging the norms of airlines and airports this year as the sector has been plunged into disarray due to the pandemic. For example, Changi Airport in Singapore started a glamping site on two of their levels earlier on this year to provide for individuals missing the luxury airport experience.

It’s refreshing to see airlines branch into fields they wouldn’t have had time for before and provides hope to those in the aviation industry struggling with the coronavirus crisis. Would you want to take one of Singapore Airlines’s courses? Let us know below!

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