San Diego International to receive $25 million for Terminal 1 refurb

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded San Diego International Airport $24 million U.S dollars in discretionary grant funds. 

This large sum will go towards the continuation of the construction of its new Terminal 1. 

A helpful cash injection 

The Biden Administration – via the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – has granted San Diego International Airport $24 million dollars to go towards the airport’s new Terminal 1, which will replace its current Terminal 1. 

The funds were granted as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Airport Terminals Programme in the States. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allows the U.S government to grant $5 billion for airport terminal development projects that will target, address and improve ageing infrastructure throughout the large country.

The new Terminal 1 at San Diego International Airport, formally known as Lindbergh Field, is projected to be a “modern and efficient facility” which includes “improvements to the airfield and transportation improvements to make it easier to get to and from the airport.”

The Californian airport’s Terminal 1 dates back to as early as 1967, meaning that Terminal 1 is being treated to a much-needed refresh after more than 50 years. 

Concept art of San Diego's new Terminal 1
Concept art of San Diego International’s new Terminal 1. | ©

The first $1 billion from the U.S government’s designated $5 billion has already been awarded, allowing for 85 airports across the country to undergo refurbishments. The airports that have already benefited from a grant from the government include Los Angeles International, Orlando International and Denver International, among others.

Kimberly Becker, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority President and CEO, commented on the funds and how they will benefit the airport. San Diego International is owned and operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. Becker said:

“These funds are crucial to our continued efforts to transform San Diego’s air transportation gateway. This grant money will be used for the new T1 program. We thank the Federal Aviation Administration for awarding the funds.”


The new Terminal 1 is divided into three crucial components. One of which, a new Administration Building, will be the first of the three to be completed, with an anticipated opening date of late 2023.  

The other two components – Terminal & Roadways and Airside Improvements – will experience a much more gradual construction timeline, with plans for everything to be completed by late 2027.

San Diego International is in need of a modern and efficient Terminal 1 to endure the intense traffic the airport has been receiving. From May 2022, the Californian airport welcomes 7.9 million passengers – and this is still 18.9% below pre-pandemic levels.

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