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KLM is in hot water after being accused of running greenwashed marketing campaigns. | © KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has joined a host of other major European airlines in cutting more scheduled flights over the summer season. 

KLM has cited staff shortages at its base Schiphol Airport and within the airline itself creating “relentless” pressure. 

Diamonds aren’t always made under pressure

In a statement published yesterday, KLM described the additional measures it has had to take over the summer holidays to ensure that they get off to a “smooth start.” 

The airline stated that from 28 August, they will cancel ten to twenty return flights to European destinations every day. This will continue until 29 October, the definite end of the summer season.

The statement continued to share how there will be strong restrictions on the sale of “remaining seats on KLM and KLM Cityhopper flights to European destinations” in order to “free up space for customers who are rebooked if their flight is cancelled” or if they have missed their flight due to “long queues at Schiphol.” 

KLM believes that these measures will restore operational stability and relieve pressure on staff at Schiphol and KLM. 

Other measures involve KLM’s cargo operations.

KLM aircraft
KLM is a part of the Air France-KLM group and a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. | © Mauvries/DepositPhotos

The Amstelveen-based carrier concluded by asserting to its customers that these temporary measures will make sure the carrier will be able to handle incoming and outgoing flights in the coming weeks smoothly. 

The Netherlands’ flag carrier has been hit substantially by the tricky combination of increased demand for travel and staff shortages. Last May, the carrier had to cap the sale of flights from Schiphol Airport in response to an acute shortage of airport security staff. But when it comes to struggling over the summer travel period, they are not alone.

This week, British Airways had to cancel over 10,000 flights from the start of August until the end of October as a preemptive measure to avoid delays and cancellations over the summer holiday. 

Swiss low-cost carrier EasyJet and German flag carrier Lufthansa have been reducing flights from their schedule too due to struggling over the summer season. According to Bloomberg, Lufthansa cancelled approximately 3,900 flights over the summer period so far. 

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