Ryanair has released twenty-two holiday spots that they will begin services from, from Monday the 17th of May.

Ryanair new holiday spots
Summer ready. | © Fotis Christopoulos

International travel in the UK to resume as planned

Travel has been restricted in the UK for over a year. Only those with special exemptions, like travelling for work, have been allowed to fly internationally. Now, aligning with the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown, international travel will be allowed again…but with some restrictions.

Ryanair new holiday spots
Ryanair are ready for take off. | © Angela Compagnone

Countries will be labelled like a traffic light, with those titled ‘green’ being exempt from quarantine when they return back to the UK. These ‘green’ countries are likely to be tourist hotspots, while still being on the right side of the road from their recovery from coronavirus.

The aviation industry’s path to take off

Airports and airlines have all been preparing for the demand the lift on the international travel ban will bring. Many airports have been working on procedures and methods of keeping customers and staff safe, while airlines have been adding to their destination lists.

It’s likely that when travel continues as normal again, that a lot of UK holidaymakers will head abroad to touristy areas to enjoy their summer holidays.

Ryanair new holiday spots
Lisbon is on the list. | © Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum

Ryanair add twenty-two holiday spots

Thus, Ryanair’s not one to miss out and have added twenty-two destinations to their flight paths. Some of these holiday spots including Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, Budapest, Dublin and Lanzarote. However, restrictions are still in place, so individuals won’t be able to book these cities as holiday destinations just yet. The arrival criteria may change, but for now, the limitations are still in place.

Nevertheless, the rules are likely to change as the country enters the summer months, and the list gives a real sense of where UK tourists will be able to travel to when the aviation industry is back to doing what it does best.

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