Nippon Airways First-Class Service
Tokyo... | © Su San Lee E

Japanese airline Nippon Airways have been looking at different ways of providing their first-class service to those that can’t currently travel abroad.

Nippon Airways
Blossoms. | © Sora Sagano

Nippon Airways has started a restaurant on one of their airplanes stationed at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, a place to dine but not fly.

What to expect at the restaurant

Nippon Airways
Flights from the UK. | © Tango Tsuttie

Guests can dine at Nippon Airways’ new restaurant for a pricey ¥59,800 if they’re looking for a first-class option. The restaurant also offers a business-class opportunity for ¥29,800, too, for those looking to try the experience at a lower cost. Individuals will be allocated to the seats in that compartment. That means first-class diners can enjoy the luxury of a reclining seat and larger space. People missing the experience of a first-class flight can dine and enjoy their time together as either a family or an individual.

Furthermore, diners can eat traditional Japanese dishes with a luxurious twist, such as sea bass or Wagyu beef. Stationed flyers can have rice wine – sake –  or champagne with their dishes.

Nippon Airways
Blossoms. | © Marcus Ng

Airlines are getting creative.

It’s been a while since any of us have enjoyed an in-flight meal, and airlines have been making the best out of a bad situation. Thus, the Japanese airline isn’t the only one offering a different kind of service during the pandemic.

British Airways have started a takeaway service of their first-class meals and offer it to those missing the in-flight dishes. In addition to this, Finnair has even begun selling the in-flight meals they usually serve to business-class flyers in a supermarket.

Looking at different options gives hope to the aviation sector, but do you think the trend will continue once travel reopens again? Let us know in the comments below!


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