Japan Airlines is taking part in three digital health credential app trials. The CommonPass, VeriFLY and IATA Travel Pass trials are being conducted by the airline with an aim to implement standardised digital health checks on the carrier`s international flights.

Digital health credential apps store information such as COVID-19 test results in accordance with entry requirements of different destinations in a safe and secure manner. The CommonPass trials were conducted on Japan Airlines‘ Haneda–Honolulu route on 2 April and on its Narita–Singapore route on 5 April. The carrier plans to implement VeriFLY on its Japan-North America routes this month.

CommonPass, which was initiated by the Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, validates COVID-19 test results issued by medical institutions and VeriFLY, application developed by software company Daon, provides identity assurance software by biometric authentication. The app displays a ready-to-travel status, enabling a seamless check-in process. IATA Travel Pass helps passengers easily and securely manage their travel to comply with government requirements for COVID-19 tests or vaccines.

CommonPass Health App
CommonPass Health App.
VeriFLY App.
VeriFLY health credentials app.
IATA Travel Pass.
IATA Travel Pass.

Seamless journey

The carrier’s health credential app trial will confirm customers’ identity via passport data, function to receive COVID-19 test results from medical institutions and search for entry requirements of each destination, with information verification being confirmed at the airport counter.

Japan Airlines (JAL) says it is trialling the health credential passes to introduce and expand the platforms worldwide and to achieve a contactless and seamless check-in process while also continuing to adopt and implement key safety measures. JAL will strive to provide a safe and secure travel experience for those with essential travel needs and says it will continue the trials on certain international flights in May.

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