Aviation at Home – 10 Aviation Inspired Wall Art Ideas

With many of us still in lockdown at home Travel Radar took a look at ways you can bring a touch of travel and aviation to your home. Whether you work in aviation or you’re simply obsessed with all things aeronautical, consider a piece of wall art that highlights your passion. No matter your existing décor, there are plenty of aviation-themed prints to match your interior. 


If you’re a fan of all things classic, consider a vintage-style aviation print. Look for a piece that highlights the beauty of vintage aircrafts, and adds the illusion of antique patina to your space.

Mustang Wallart


For another retro concept, go for a postcard-style piece. Embrace bright colors and graphic prints with this lighthearted work of art. This trend can work in a variety of interiors, especially the ever-popular Mid-mod style. 

Airplane Wallart

Black and White

For a neutral interior, go with some sleek black and white art. Opt for a contemporary, photo-realistic print to match your modern space. A greyscale photo will look both timeless and sophisticated.

Engines Wallart

Close Up

For a more unconventional choice, consider a print that’s less literal and more niche. Choose a piece of wall art that displays an ultra-close-up image of a turbine engine. This aeronautical marvel will add a dynamic, modern touch to your space. 

Engine Fan wallet


The best part about being in the sky is admiring the beautiful view! Highlight the stunning scenery from the air above with a picturesque print of a landing strip in a scenic locale.

Airport Runway wallet


If you love both aviation and architecture, combine aeronautics with metropolitan scenery in a window-style print. This piece of wall art will make you feel like you’re gazing out at bustling international cities from the comfort of your own aircraft. 

Destinations Wallart


We’re all fascinated with the inner-workings of aircrafts, so why not hang a vintage patent print on your wall? This iconic design will break down the construction of the most iconic aircrafts, as well as add a touch of industrial style to your space. 

Historical Aviation Wallart


Calling all artistic types! Just because you work in aviation doesn’t mean you can’t highlight your creative side. Add a funky print with flashy colors that mimics the look of an abstract aircraft. 

Airplane Window Wallart


If you’d rather subtly hint at your obsession with flying, consider a landscape-style print with the silhouette of an aircraft overhead. Your guests will be focused on the picturesque photo, while you can appreciate the aviation-themed touch.

Plane Coast Wallart


For an ultra-industrial look, hang a multi-panel print of a striking cross-section. This mechanical print is equal parts fascinating and artistic. Ideal for contemporary interiors, this unique piece of wall art is an excellent conversation piece. 

Engine Wallart

Display Your Passion

There’s no better way to decorate your home than by showcasing what you love most. Proudly display your passion and look forward to waking up in your space each morning. For aviation enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than highlighting your love for flying. Choose a plane-themed print that suits your interior, and instantly elevate your entire space. With countless styles to choose from, there’s no better time to give your home an aeronautic touch. So, what are your thoughts?

Will you be considering some wall-art for your home this Spring? Let us know your favourite print below in the comments!


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