Are Smart Trays the Future of Airport Security?

AI technological geniuses UtterBerry have been creating a new addition to security in airports – smart trays.

Smart Trays
Airport improvements. | © Josh Sorenson

Who are UtterBerry?

UtterBerry are British-based, with their HQ in London. They manufacture artificially intelligent wireless sensor systems. They are considered a champion in British technology and it seems they are broadening their horizons in the aviation industry.

What are Smart Trays?

Smart Trays
The aviation industry is. changing. | © Chuttersnap 41

Smart Trays are exactly what they sound like – artificially intelligent security trays that will benefit the aviation sector in the long run. Not only will they help enhance security at airports, but they will also make  journeys for flyers a lot smoother and more seamless.

When they arrive at the border they will be given a smart card – this is linked to the tray and contains basic information and details of their flight. Their belongings are then linked to the tray itself, meaning security know the content in the tray and who it belongs too. To keep data safe, UtterBerry have combined blockchain and artificial intelligent technology. This will also help to keep luggage safe too – could lost baggage be a thing of the past?

Smart Trays
Smart Trays of the future. | © UtterBerry

The tray design looks simple, but inside there will be a wireless charging software, wireless communication, user feedback via LED lights and a smart card reader or technology that helps connect to a mobile app.

The aviation industry are looking to invest in airport security and with the world taking huge strides with AI technology, it makes sense that airports catch up with the rest of the world. Currently, the technology is being discussed at different airports and is looking to be rolled out sometime next year.

Are Smart Trays a good idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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