The future is coming for one airport in America, with Chicago O’Hare Airport set to have a smart window installation at their port.

chicago o'hare airport smart windows
Chicago city prepares for the future! | © Pedro Lastra

What are smart windows?

An American manufacturer of glass is taking on a huge challenge with the airport. They are set to install artificial intelligence into their glass to make it smart. This means that the windows will alter themselves against the natural light they encounter.

Smart window technology
Chicago airport and smart windows! | © Kamil Krzaczyński

The installation is based on electrochromic technology, which helps energy efficiency in buildings. Certain materials change their properties, making them the perfect accompaniment to smart windows. Essentially, they control the amount of sun coming through.

Where else uses the smart windows?

Chicago O’Hare is not the first airport to use innovative technology; Memphis International Airport and San Francisco International Airport both installing smart windows in their buildings.

It seems it’s quite the trend in America as these are only a few that have decided to install the new window technology.

What are the benefits of smart windows?

The new installation is set to improve the passenger experience while arriving at or departing the airport. Travelers sometimes complain about the glare that comes through the windows as they wait in terminals. Also, it can get quite hot inside if the weather outside is boiling. 

smart windows
Smart windows. | © Drew Graham

In addition to this, airports waste a lot of energy cooling down their waiting areas and terminals. However, with smart windows reducing the temperature inside themselves, airports won’t have to use as much cooling equipment to keep flyers happy.

This comes at a great time when airlines are looking to move to more sustainable methods; it’s better if airports can also up their involvement in making the aviation industry more environmentally friendly.

Do you think smart technology will encourage more airports to install these kinds of windows? Let us know below!


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