Aer Lingus Adds Trans-Atlantic Links to its Airline

As the aviation industry struggles to take off again, it seems the negative impact of coronavirus hasn’t impacted all airlines’ hopes with Aer Lingus announcing new international links.

Aer Lingus International Links
Aer Lingus | © John Mcarthur

International travel in the UK

International travel was supposed to be banned until May the 17th 2021. However, it seems the British government have decided otherwise and are in talks of banning going abroad altogether. At least, until the country has recovered. It comes as a shame to travellers who were promised summer holidays and trips away due to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

international links
New York. | © Stephen Mcfadden

Aer Lingus and their International Links

However, that hasn’t stopped Irish low-cost airline Aer Lingus adding a new global link between countries. The airline are adding a link between Manchester and New York and Florida. The flights will fly from Manchester and arrive in JFK and Orlando. Originally, Boston was on the destination list, but plans were delayed because of the pandemic. Flyers can expect to book the Manchester to Boston flight in 2022 – a time when travel should be back to normal gain.

international links
Uk to USA. | © Jorge Flores

When will the international links happen?

Aer Lingus will begin these new flights paths on the 29th July. They will fly to the United States five times a week – that’s every day but Tuesday and Wednesday. The flight will be non-stop and the first of its kind as a scheduled service between the United Kingdom and America.

The new paths are thought to replace those that were lost by other airlines.

It’s a great transatlantic move as it will create more jobs and give other airlines some form of normality. Do you think the added flight paths will increase hope in the industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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