A Westjet Encore Bombardier Q400 made a quick diversion to Lethbridge, Alberta on November 23rd, 2018. The flight, originating in Grande Prairie, was enroute to Calgary when they encountered a flight instrument display issue mid-flight. Due to poor weather conditions in Edmonton and Calgary, the pilots decided to divert to Lethbridge to ensure they had priority to land.

“Out of an abundance of caution and due to unfavourable weather conditions in both Calgary and Edmonton at the time, our pilots declared an emergency to ensure priority and diverted to the Lethbridge Airport,” said Morgan Bell, a spokesperson for WestJet.

According to one passenger, the airline claimed that mechanics from Calgary would fly to Lethbridge and fix the aircraft. However, it was said that the aircraft would continue to Calgary for further inspection.

No passengers or crew were injured in the incident, and passengers were evacuated into the terminal without incident, according to a Westjet Spokesperson.WSK3188 - Travel Radar - Aviation News


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