Flight diverts to Shannon after passenger goes into labor



A British Airways flight bound for Heathrow was forced to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport when a woman on board began having contractions.

The Irish Examiner reports that flight BA-292 was en route to Heathrow airport in London from Washington in the US when the flight crew phoned in a “medical situation.”

BA-292 landed into Shannon at 10:05 am local time. The woman was met by medical personnel before being transported to a hospital in Limerick.

A British Airways spokesman said: “The flight diverted into Shannon as a precaution for a minor medical reason. The plan is for the flight to continue to Heathrow.”

The British Airways flight continued on to London at 12:35 pm.

The medical emergency was not Shannon’s only diversion on Tuesday. A WOW Air flight was diverted from Dublin Airport when severe winds prevented a safe landing.

The WOW Air flight, which was coming in from Reykjavik, refueled at Shannon before returning to Dublin at 11:54 am.

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