Updates to the UK’s International Travel List

It’s good news for those wanting to travel to the UK this year, as there have been updates to the country’s international travel list this week.
Updates UK International Travel
The UK is flying again. | © Daniel Klein

Going for green

As stated on the UK government’s official website, seven new countries have been added to the ‘green’ list – the best place to be for a country that wants tourism back in their cities.

Updates UK International Travel
Romania is on the list. | © Freestocks

The traffic light system has been in place for most of this year and has really been apparent in the last couple of months as restrictions have been lifted in the country. Countries have been moving from amber to green, green to amber, amber to red within weeks of being on one of the lists.

This week, the countries added to the green list are Germany, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, and Romania.

Not so ‘green’ updates to the international travel list

Updates UK International Travel
Countries are moving back and forth. | © James Yarema

On the other hand, France has been moved to the amber category. Alongside France, India, Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain will also move to the amber list.

Unfortunately, Mexico, Reunion, Mayotte, and Georgia will all be moved to the red list.

Although countries are on the UK’s green list, there’s still no certainty that UK citizens will be on theirs. For example, the UK is now allowing US travellers who have been double vaccinated here, but there are still no signs of the US allowing UK citizens to holiday in the States. However, countries like Canada will be re-evaluating their travel list in September with hopes that the UK may be on it.

Will you be traveling to one of the newly listed green countries on the UK International Travel list? Let us know in the comments below!

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