UAE is on the UK’s Amber List

Dubai in the UAE was a big holiday destination for Brits earlier this year when many other countries were disallowing holidays and leisurely travel to their cities. Dubai offered an escape to UK holidaymakers, even if only for a brief time before international travel was banned again.

UAE UK Amber List
UAE is back on the holiday list. | © Saj Shafique

It’s good news again for UK citizens wanting to escape the hectic British weather this year, as United Arab Emirates (UAE) is added to the country’s amber list.

What does the UK amber list mean for UAE?

UAE UK Amber List
Trips to Dubai this year. | © Christoph Schulz

UAE was added onto the UK’s amber list on the 8th of August, meaning if you are double vaccinated, you can visit Dubai and the other cities in the UAE without having to quarantine on your return. The quarantine restrictions and uncertainty about countries moving lists have been off-putting travellers from flying internationally. However, with incentives alongside vaccination, it’s likely international travel will pick up again over the coming year.

The rules on the amber list are more extensive than those on the green. Before arrival back in the UK from an amber country, travellers must complete a passenger locator form, provide proof of a negative coronavirus test, quarantine if the second vaccination dose hasn’t been received, book a private Covid test before arrival and take a PCR test on the eighth day of quarantine.

What happens in UAE for UK citizens?

UAE UK Amber List
Will airports be busier now? | © Nick Fewings

On the other hand, UK travellers arriving in the UAE must return a negative Covid-19 PCR test three days before the flight and take a PCR test upon arrival. If they test positive upon arrival, then they must isolate for ten days in arranged accommodation. Dubai Health Staff will also be expecting health declaration and quarantine forms upon arrival.

Will you be travelling to UAE from the UK this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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