Turbulence troubles Air Canada Flight

Air Canada Flight 33 from Toronto to Sydney-Via Vancouver, was diverted to Honolulu, Hawaii earlier this week as it encountered severe turbulence over the Atlantic ocean which left almost 30 passengers injured. The Boeing 777-200LR registered F-NNH, carrying 269 passengers and 15 crew members came across a sudden shock of turbulence which startled people. Passengers were left injured with bruises cuts and even possible concussions. According to passengers who gave interviews to media, there was no forecast given by pilots for the turbulence, “We had some sudden light turbulence for five to ten seconds and then the plane just dropped around a 100 feet”, says a passenger. People who were not strapped into their seats “flew into the air” and had their heads hit the cabin roof as the plane encountered the sudden hit of extreme turbulent.

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The aircraft made a diversion and turned back to Honolulu where it landed at 6:45 am local time (4:45pm UTC). Emergency vehicles and medical staff received the aircraft and the injured customers were rushed for treatment. Airline spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said the aircraft was two hours of flight ahead of Hawaii when it hit “severe clear air”. He also said that the airline is currently making arrangements for the passengers stay and the resumption of flight towards its final destination.

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Passengers were woken up from the sudden drop felt from inside the aircraft, they told the media that the turbulence came with only one “big hit” due to which the plane dived slightly and then it was all over and the Aircraft continued leveled flight. Some people fell into the aisles while many hit their heads onto the roof causing the oxygen masks to fall out. Flight attendants are reported to have been injured due to the trolley falling over them.

Further investigation of the accident is being carried out by aviation authorities as passengers are being treated in the meantime. A full report by the authorities is expected soon which completely describes the happening and its possible causes.

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