The Jetblue experience to the Nations capital

Today’s trip will bring us onboard JetBlue’s newly updated A320 aircraft from Boston Massachusetts down to the nations capital of Washington D.C.


My trip will only last me the day as I’m visiting Washington on a site seeing experience. I’ve grown fond of taking day trips to cities that may not be a key vacation spot but an awesome city with many things that you can get into in a short period of time. Washington was easily one of my favorites to visit because it has so much to see and so much history behind it. With it being the nations capital here in America there’s so much going on that it’s hard to take in. I got to view some amazing places like the Washington monument, the capital building, the Lincoln memorial, and of course the White House. All of these made for a great day of site seeing in a city that you may not consider when planning your next travel adventure.


I’ll start at the beginning of the trip, it was 2:00 in the morning when I had to get going to the airport. I once again opted for the shuttle bus which allowed me to catch up on some sleep I missed the night before. It only took us 20 minutes to get to the airport from the bus station and we disembarked and headed for the terminal. Jetblue operates out of terminal C in Boston alongside Alaska, Aer Lingus, TAP Portugal, and Cape Air. As it was still only 3:30 in the morning the terminal was pretty empty. This made for a fast check in process at one of the many Jetblue kiosks provided. Despite the fast check in security wasn’t open yet. We waited until 4 O’clock to start the security process which was a swift experience that took up all but 20 minutes. On to the gate we go.


Once at the gate gate I had realized our aircraft had already got in from it’s flight from Portland,Oregon. With only 1 hour to departure the crew arrived to get thing set up for our short 1 hour flight to D.C. once boarding commenced it didn’t take long for my group which was group B to be called. I was seated in row 20 near the back of the plane which helped me get to the front of the boarding order. We were greeted by the usual flight attendant at the door as we walked to the back of the aircraft. I quickly realized which aircraft this was. It was one of Jetblue’s newly updated A320 planes. These planes come with a new interior, new IFE screens, power outlets, and new blue mood lighting. I was so involved checking out the new cabin, the boarding process flew by and we were ready for departure.


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The early morning departure meant we got to get some spectacular views of Boston as we departed of runway 27 to the southwest over the city.

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As this was a short flight it was a relatively quick climb to our cruising altitude of 25,000 feet. Once in cruise I decided to take a look at the new IFE screens and seat. If you’ve been on a Jetblue A321 you’ll know exactly how to look as the new cabin is the exact copy of the A321 fleet. It featured an updated moving map which could still use some updating, 100+ direct TV channels,Sirius XM, and some more smaller features that Jetblue added. The seat was a more slime line seat than on previous Jetblue aircraft. It wasn’t as comfortable as my United slimline seats but it wasn’t to bad. Each seat comes with multiple power outlets and an adjustable headrest which I always appreciate even on short flights.

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Jetblue is known for having complimentary drinks and snacks on all flights, I opted out on this flight but they’re all the same choices from the past few years. Chips,Cookies,Cheez itz, and Pretzels. Drinks include Pepsi products, Bubly drinks, seltzer’s, Ginger ale, and water.


As as I woke up just before 2 O’clock in the morning I was extremely tired on my flight and had a long day ahead of me so I decided to get some sleep and tested out Jetblue’s seat to see how comfortable it was. It wasn’t bad but again a bit to firm for my liking.


I slept for most of the flight so as I woke up it was no surprise that we were on descent into Reagan national airport in Washington. It was a nice clear day as we came over the city and made our turn to final for runway 01 at DCA. On final I noticed a familiar aircraft sitting in what seemed like a parking lot down below. It was a replica of air force one! If you’d like to see that you can head over to our Instagram page and check out our story.


As we landed we made a very quick stop and turned off the runway and headed for terminal B. Deplaning was a smooth process and before I knew it I was out into the terminal building ready to start my trip.


Overall I I liked my experience with Jetblue, I think the cabin update was much needed but it could also use some more work. The service was good as always and my flight went by without a hitch. One thing I’d like to add relating to my return flight later that day was that the flight attendant service drinks went around calling everybody by their name. I thought this was a nice gesture as I’ve never heard it done on any other flight I’ve done in my life. He got some bonus points for mentioning my name right, If you look at the top of the page my last name isn’t so easy to pronounce!


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